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Since we opened our doors in 1990, service has been our TOP priority. Keeping your equipment running properly and efficiently takes more than a wrench and a bucket and means REAL savings for you. Just a 10% increase in efficiency is = to 10 cents/ litre savings these days!


Our service department receives ongoing training so they are able to confidently work on all oil-fired heating systems. We’re proud to offer advanced oil heat equipment that saves you time and $. That investment has bestowed us two National Awards for service excellence. But we’re not interested in resting on our laurels – we continue to search for new ways to provide our customers with great value, without compromising their family’s comfort.


Local people in Local offices that know who you are and where you live, because we are your neighbors!


No outsourced service technicians that work for other heating companies, we believe in loyalty! We only work for Oulton’s account customers.


No complicated service packages that leave you guessing about what is covered and what isn’t covered. 24/7 Peace of Mind!

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Free Inspections



Our well-trained service technicians would be happy to lend a hand. We’re happy to pass along this FREE INSPECTION Certificate for one-time use in assisting you with your heating concerns/questions. Feel free to print the certificate from our site (click here) OR give our office a call and we can have one provided to you. Depending on the time of year and the outdoor temperatures, we will need a little bit of notice to make arrangements for you, but typically one to two days is plenty.Whether you’re in the business of selling homes or are the lucky buyer of a home, your oil-fired heating system can be a mystery. While it’s easy to tell whether or not your kitchen appliances are working, it’s not always as easy to tell if things are healthy in the basement.

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