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Exciting News!!

We are excited to have begun construction on a new project at the iFUEL location in Canning! There’s a new building going up.
The new building will house DeGraaf’s Cafe & Convenience and a Robins Donuts! New partnerships that will mean exciting changes in Canning.
There may be growing pains, the iFUEL may experience some shut downs during the build. We will keep you up-dated on these scheduled closures on this page and at the kiosk on-site. #supportlocal#fuelupathome #canning



Heat Pumps are a good idea. But be informed!
Today’s advanced oil heating equipment boasts very high efficiencies (95%!) and is very economical to install.
With new corrosion proof oil tanks, oil heat is clearly a great choice.
Consider this before you install wall mount heat pumps:

Wall Mount Heat Pumps:

tech Frozen pipes are a risk.
Quality wall mount units cost the same or more than a new furnace but wall mount heat pumps cannot heat a whole house properly. The result can range from just being uncomfortable in some areas of the house to FROZEN PIPES due to insufficient heating from wall mounts. Our techs have been called out to a number of situations over the past couple of years to deal with frozen pipes and other issues. Wall Mounts just are not intended for Whole House heating.

techWhole house units are costly.
Quality ‘whole house’ heat pumps cost much more than a new furnace and oil tank (combined!). And we know from our own testing that the electricity required to operate ‘whole house’ heat pumps is at least the same as the cost of oil. As an oil company, we admit our comments likely sound biased, and we understand that but make sure you know the facts.

Give us a call to talk about it.
It’s nice to be cool in the summer, but make sure you will be warm in the winter. Keep your oil furnace this winter for PROPER heating.
Knowing the FACTS WILL save you Money, save you Time and give you Peace of Mind!

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